Service for consumables

Our manufacturing and service centre offers a wide range of services in the area of printing consumables.

Cutting of self-adhesive materials produced by the companies HERMA and INTERCOAT

High-precision equipment manufactured by the company Wickeltechnik (Germany) makes it possible to cut self-adhesive paper and -film jumbo rolls with a width of up to 1520 mm into rolls of any desired width and a diameter of up to 610 mm.

We guarantee the winding quality of any type of material. Thanks to the high productivity of the equipment (up to 450 m/min.) and around-the-clock operation, we are able to keep lead times to the minimum and ensure a speedy order processing.

The coloration laboratory and offset color mixing station

We are able to mix inks according to the ink mixing system PANTONE, using base colors of the PMS provided by the german company J+S.

Our specialists:

  • will make a color analysis (based on the sample of the customer or the PANTONE number),
  • will proof the color by means of an ink proofing station and produce some samples, will prepare the ink and conduct the necessary output control
  • fill and label the mixed ink according to the customer requirements.

The minimum order quantity for mixed inks is 1 kg. We guarantee an exact color match and short lead times.

Cutting of offset printing blankets

Cutting and reinforce of any printing blankets, which are necessary for the customers, with format requirements specially tailored for the equipment of the company „PICULELL Graphics A/S“ from Denmark, are also provided in our service centre.

A wide range of printing blankets produced by the company „Printec“ and blanket bars produced by the company „Pro“ ensure the supply for customers equipment with the machinery of the most popular manufacturers:

  • Sheet-fed printing blankets (universal, for cardboard packaging, with dual-core compression)
  • Reel-fed printing blankets (for Coldset and Heatset equipment),
  • Coating blankets for varnishing with various layer thicknesses (for the continuous and selective coating suited for water based and UV-varnishes, polyester and fabric backed)
  • Blankets for UV-printing (for cardboard, plastics, on self-adhesive basis, for narrow web flexo printing equipment).

Single sheet orders are accepted. We guarantee the quality and the precision of the cutting and short lead times.

Cutting of RotaPlate screen printing fabric made by the company STORK for the flexo printing equipment Gallus и Arsoma

  • We offer fabric cutting services for flexographic equipment, fitted with rotating screen printing sections.
  • Our inventory includes a full range of fabrics both for high resolution screen printing and for printing with tactile varnishes.
  • The equipment of the company STORK enables to cut screen printing fabric according to customers requirements.
  • The orders are processed on the day of placement.
  • Our company’s specialists provide consultation and training for the personnel of our customers regarding the preparation of the printing plates made of RotaPlate screen printing fabric.